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For all treatments related to major or minor oral and maxillofacial surgeries, Dr. Dennis Kaloyannis is there to advise you for the right course of treatment to follow. If you have any questions, please get in touch with us as soon as possible!

Third molars or wisdom teeth are so named because they are usually the last teeth of the adult dentition to erupt usually between the ages of 15 to 25. When there is insufficient space or the angle of eruption is unfavorable, the tooth may remain impacted or only partially erupt through the gingival. These teeth, if not removed, may cause problems such as infections, pain, damage to adjacent teeth, and cysts in the jaw bones. At the consultation your oral surgeon will assess the level of risk of removal, your level of anxiety and then decide if removal if indicated and if so, the best technique to do so for your safety and comfort.

When a tooth must be extracted it is recommended that it be replaced to maintain the integrity of the remaining dentition. An implant is a root formed bone anchorage which is made of surgical grade titanium. It is inserted into the jaw bone. Once healed, it will be fused to the bone (osteointegrated), hence providing anchorage and support for the replacement dentition (fixed crowns or bridges). It is possible to replace single or multiple missing teeth, thereby enhancing the smile and chewing capacity.

Following the loss of the natural dentition, important changes and remodeling of the jaw bones are initiated. Resulting uneven or mobile gums can render dental prosthesis (dentures) unstable and uncomfortable. Pre-prosthetic surgery encompasses a number of minor procedures aimed at correcting hard and soft tissue irregularities prior to prosthetic replacement. Once performed these procedures usually optimize prosthetic comfort and stability.

Abnormal changes can occur in the oral cavity. These may be seen on the gingival, lips, cheeks, tongue, palate and throat. The resulting lesions may be benign or malignant. In the presence of abnormal tissues lasting more than two weeks, consulting an Oral Surgeon will provide adequate evaluation, diagnosis and treatment.

At times root canal treatment may not be curative. A relapse may present itself in the form of an infection located at the tip of the dental root. This may be an indication for an apicoectomy. This surgical procedure is aimed at treating the tissues at the root tip of the infected tooth. A small portion of the root tip is excised and the adjacent inflamed/infected tissues are curetted thereby allowing natural healing and preservation of the tooth.

Most procedures dispensed in our clinic can be performed through the use of local anesthetics. However, when faced with more complex procedures or patient preferences, oral sedation or intravenous sedation may be utilized. Through the use of intravenous medication, patients can experience profound relaxation and drowsiness. In addition, they remember little or nothing of the procedure.

Cone Beam computed tomography (CT Scan) is used for :

  • The diagnosis and treatment of cysts and tumours of the jaw bones
  • Identify the location of impacted teeth
  • Evaluate proximity of the third molars to the lower dental nerve
  • Evaluate whether there is adequate bone for the placement of dental implants

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