A dental network with you in mind.

Joining the Clareo family is being part of a business that takes care of people…our people. If you want to know more, email us at partner@clareo.ca

Why become a partner?

When you join the Clareo family, you will have access to the expertise of a broad network of dentists and specialists in all disciplines.

This association offers the perfect balance between your professional and personal life.

We oversee every aspect of your office, giving you unparalleled peace of mind to devote more time to your practice.

Discover the Clareo effect.

At Clareo, we encourage the exchange of referrals between specialists and dentists to create a true network that is human and accessible, one that meets all the needs of your patients. The Clareo effect is our ability to promote our members and make them shine by providing outstanding service.

Developing a cluster network by geographical sector enables our dentists and specialists to form a unique ecosystem of local dental services.

The Clareo effect is mutual strength at the service of Quebecers.

It’s in our nature to be there for you.

The Clareo team is there to support you every day. We make it a badge of honour.

We provide an after-sales transition that is perfectly adapted to your needs.

We take care of managing your office operations, including taking charge of human resources, upgrading and maintaining equipment, purchasing supplies, and optimizing the clinic, in addition to overseeing administration, contracts, accounting, and marketing.

At Clareo, dentists can devote themselves completely to their practice. This is our greatest strength.

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