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For all treatments related to periodontal care (including grafts, implants, gum therapy, and laser therapy), our specialists will be pleased to advise you about the right course of treatment to follow. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us!

List of our periodontal

•. Treatment of periodontal disease: surgical and non-surgical
•. Gum graft
• Smile correction
• Crown lengthening
• Periodontal laser therapy
• Distal wedge
• Biopsy
• Labial and lingual frenectomy
• Occlusal stint
• Splinting

Our specialized

Clareo Periodontics and implantology
664 boul. de la Gappe, Suite 100 Gatineau, Québec, J8T 0A6
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Clareo Orthodontics and Periodontics
254 Curé-Labelle Blvd., Rosemère, Québec  J7A 2H4
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our periodontal
services within
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Clareo Granby
54 rue Dufferin, Granby, Québec, J2G 4W7
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